One Day

Near the blessed lake, I still search for you.

Amidst the violet fragrance, I may find you there.

Though the mind knows there ain’t coming back here,

The heart doesn’t seem to care.

I’ll wait here for you till the ages pass.

And the grim reaper comes only to join us at last.

Your shadows still linger as does your fragrance.

Though you’re not visible, I know you are still here.

Wait for me. There’s no tearing us apart.

Who can separate the ones who are never meant to be apart?

Our souls are one, our hearts still tied,

Not in any chains rather in love divine.

Fates have run wild to set us apart.

But nothing’s greater than the love in our hearts.

The sweet golden sand still has your foot steps engraved.

Come back dear, even the birds here wait.

If only I could give anything to have you back,

My life will matter the least as the price that He expects.

Don’t want to end this song that I write,

Only realizing my breath, my heart beat, my every living moment is a song mourning this life.

19 Dec’16


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