Some say the so-called ‘depression’ is just a state of mind. They say, “It’s just inside our heads. An impoverished tool to gather sympathy from people around you.” They may be right. You are happy, nobody gives a damn. You are sad, depressed, everybody pours in their sympathies. But as I myself seem to be pretty attached to sadness, I tend to differ from their view point. I kind of like sadness. Watching sad movies, reading sad books- I do that all the time. But, why? I won’t say I want sympathy from people. I don’t even care if they are unaware of me doing that. But sadness makes me feel life to its extreme. It makes me really feel things. Believe me or not, crying after reading a heart wrenching book is an overwhelming feeling. It moves you and shakes you and force you look deeper into things. And for myself, I don’t want to live on the surface, I want to dive in. But, can only sadness take us to the depths of emotions we want to delve in? Am I obsessed with depressing things to get sympathy from people (and I don’t even know it. That would be the worst part.). Can happiness also make you feel those emotions? Can it also shake your soul to the core?

I always thought the answer is NO. But we definitely need to look around for answering this. Looking around the world, what do we see?

Ask me and I would have said- “Wars, refugees, fights over petty issues, stupid politicians and pointless policies, jobless well-trained (not well-educated) people, hungry children and cold people. People don’t have roofs over their heads, they don’t have food to fill their bellies, they don’t even have access to water and half of the world’s wealth is owned by eight people!” Pretty depressing view of the world, isn’t it?

But when I saw a man with barely enough food for himself, feeding a street dog, I was proved wrong. When I saw a boy helping out other one with visual disabilities supporting and guiding him to his destination, I was proved wrong. When I saw little children laughing and playing as their mother picked up garbage by their side, I was proved wrong. When I see children like Omran Daqnish, I’m proved wrong. They don’t blame the world. They don’t see the hopelessness in life. They see hope.syrian-boy_letter-collage-750x500

So, look around and you’ll be proved wrong. The world could have been worse. Here, nations give refuge to the displaced people. There are so many differences between people but they still find a way to live together. They don’t always go on fighting on the roads, trying to kill each other. People care for each other, even if the proportion of such people is small. They are not completely absent. The world has such people left even today with all those wars going on. The world has got those puddles with rainbows in them. It’s your choice what you look for. You can either pity the children like Omran Daqnish and millions of others not only in Syria but round the world and blame the world for it or you can see them, their bravery and realize they did not do it for your pity. Take strength from them. Let the hope radiated by them sink deep inside you. The world is a lovely place. The laughter of an innocent kid, the mesmerizing hues of daffodils dancing in the air, the littlest act of kindness by a stranger is enough to make this world worth living.


So, again, can happiness and beauty move us in the same way as sadness does?

I don’t consider myself worthy and capable of answering this question. But what I can say for sure is-

“There is nothing wrong with the world that cannot be cured by what is right with the world.”




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