“Do you feel it?”, she texted. Thousands emotions welled up inside him were set free. Everything inside him went up. His mind was a messy bundle of thoughts. “Yeah, I definitely feel it but what? What is it?”, he thought. “It is something that you feel when you see stars at night and associate people with them, people you once knew but long gone now. It is the sweet fragrance of rain when it meets the earth- petrichor. It is the feeling of being set free like the waves in the sea. It is the feeling that you get when your parents say ‘That’s my boy!’. It is the feeling which is beyond compare and yeah, I feel it. I feel it every second and I feel it every day. I feel how you smile when you hear the special ring tone you have set for me and how your heart skips a beat when you read my text. I feel you right here. I feel you.”Emerging from his thoughts as he started typing, his phone beeped again.
“It’s an earthquake!! RUN!!”
Before he could even understand anything, the whole structure came collapsing over him. And he lay there feeling thankful that he could feel all of that before becoming feelingless.


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