“Don’t underestimate the allure of darkness. Even the purest souls are attracted to it”

Never understood this better than this time when even standing here seems to be a sin. It could have been better, but it could have been worse too. I do not blame anyone. I feel the demons inside you. These moments may become the stains on the fabric of my life.  These may. But these may define the moments when I cried and smiled, when the world seemed small to contain my happiness.The possibilities are infinite. We define them. We will make them work. The demons need not be chained. Let them go. Let the whole world inside you rejoice. Let the flow go on with time. Let the cool breeze comb through your hair. Let the seasons be redefined. Do not let time take its toll on your immaterialistic self. We need not be together. The bond that binds us need not fit into the conventional moulds of society. We are free and bound at the same time. Something pulls me back to you and that something also gives me the courage to walk away, only to realize and return back to you. The darkness inside both of us shines through within blinding us out. We ourselves complicate our lives, which are simple enough to be written in a single word-“LIFE”. I believe in you and the trust continues to blind me. The mysteries of tomorrow never interested me but your mysteries are intriguing. Attracted to the darkness within you, I feel my darkness. I know I am not what I am and I am what I am not. This realization itself makes life crack at the seams. Though somehow I know the light of the morning sun will drive away the darkness within, I wait for the day to dawn. I wait for the day in your arms realizing the darkness within both of us.


3 thoughts on “The Darkness

  1. I really loved the stains on fabric line.you wrote about being bound and free,walking away and coming back,that pierced me❤️️In some or the other way,darkness is calming,and calming isnt peace,its heavy,darkness is being released and being caged,but then at least its deep,and that perhaps is life!

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