Home is like ‘Harry Potter’. It’s something that makes you crave to come back again. It’s familiar, easy and lovely. You effortlessly like it. It’s such that you would spend your entire life there. It’s Harry Potter after all and then you certainly don’t want to waste 2 hours watching something like ‘The DUFF’, do you? You might even enjoy it at that time but then eventually it just leaves you to regret what you saw. Or you might even end up watching something disgusting like ‘Orphan'( that’s the most disgusting movie I could force myself to watch). So, maybe you never want to see anything else. You don’t want to risk wasting your two hours or you don’t want to live the aftermath of watching a disturbing movie. But then you don’t realize that you might stumble on something beautiful like ‘One Day’ or something hard to describe like ‘Revolutionary Road’, only if you move out. They might become your new homes as well. Just like Harry Potter was. Is. Yeah, it is still ‘home’. And who knows how many other movies worthy of being called ‘home’ are waiting out there. I mean, your next home might be ‘Fight Club’. Is all this roaming around a waste of your time? Hitting on the roads for no reason at all? On second thoughts, roads are as important as ‘home’. Journey is as important as ‘destination’, may be even more at times.


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