I’ll give you the sun


This is what I wrote immediately after I read this book:

Yeah, the book I just read. It was a long ride. I mean it took me more time than the books I usually read nowadays do. But totally worth it. I completely forgot how it is to have a male protagonist/narrator) and that too a hilarious nerdy outcast, cool funny awesome and pretty observant one. Noah is amazing, a dreamer, an artist in true sense of the word before he just loses himself somewhere and somehow it reminded me of John Green in some parts of the story, the writing I mean.
The plot reminded me of this Bollywood movie I saw and loved (mom and Mehul hated) called ‘Kapoor and sons’. SO much of family drama going on there, a lot of backstabbing. You see a seemingly happy family tumbling as the secrets uncover. Sounds like this book. And Jude, it’s like she transforms into Noah for the later parts of the story after Noah loses/hides away his artiste. Noah, but not as awesome as he was. Somehow. Well, Brian is love! I know it sounds immature. But I can not stop fangirling over him and the way Noah describes him, anyone would fall in love with him. I mean so many
stars and colors and light and all the bright and happy things. He radiates happiness, hope and love. He is the one who has Sun as his soul. Broken soul who always looks so cool and calm and composed and excited about every single thing in the world. He collects meteors and is a sky watcher and knows random facts which no one else does but he also a popular jock- a baseball pitcher but the one who wanted to be an astronaut. But as Noah said – HE is a REVOLUTIONARY and doesn’t have flame retardant skin on. Then Oscar – swoon! The real bad boy with real broken past, with real leather jackets and motorcycle and boots and scars and recovering alcohol and drug addiction, who also turns out to be the only person who could make a crazy artist Garcia feel better when his world turned upside down. Okay okay I get it. There’s so much going on this story. I’m not going to describe everything and everyone  now because well I ca not and I don’t want to. But this book was a brilliant read. I loved it. It was so beautifully written. The passages had music of their own. I could feel myself swaying with the rhythm of the passages. Especially the parts recited by Noah showed the ‘ecstatic impulse of the artist’. Color, music, magic, light, hope, life
sprang out of those pages and they tapped on something inside me. Garcia was the perfect broken soul lovelorn artist whose heart needed saviors who came in the form of Oscar and Jude. To be honest, for one moment I liked Zephyr also. This brings me to another point about the book. IN some ways it reminded me ‘Wuthering Heights’ as well. The ‘I didn’t know you can hate the character and still love the book’ part. There were so many parts where you would hate so many characters for what they do but then that’s what makes it so realistic because people aren’t perfect. They make mistakes all the time. And twins don’t have perfect relationships either. Jealously is one of the most natural behavioral traits out there. I mean it all happens. People are jealous of each other, people are gay living in closet, people have affairs, people get divorced. People make mistakes.
You know what else was realistic you don’t really hate anyone not even asshats like Zephyr. ( I would make an exception for Fry though. Freaking HATE that guy. Who says that to a 14-year-old?! Some freaking animal). Basically showing real and hate worthy part of the characters gives them much more depth.
I can not seem to say it enough: Noah was a refreshing voice as narrator though I liked Jude as well, not as much as Noah. Grandma was pretty irritating so was the Bible I think that’s partly why I liked Noah more. I mean I see that the writer was trying to make a point there but whatever.
There were some parts of the book where everything seemed to be overstretched and boring. And at one time, I felt that everything got solved too easily but may be that was mainly because it’s been so many days since I read a sad ending book and although I loved the characters and wanted a happy ending for them, I wanted the book to be a tragedy and have a sad ending.
But I loved it. Loved the ending as well. Beautifully written book.
It is just magical as if the author weaves her own world even though it’s a realistic contemporary. This book was so not clichéd. May be it was but I didn’t want to see it.
Base line- I didn’t feel like it’s clichéd. Kept me hooked for most of its reading. It was a really good read. Totally worth all the time I spent reading this.
Read this if you like reading abstractly, beautifully articulated, magical, poetical passages and realistic characters you can fall in love with, not so clichéd story-line.

Basically if you want to experience that glowing blob of hope and magic and warmth and life inside yourself, read this book.

It just makes you realize that life is a really scary place to be in, a playground where you can mess up every single thing, make so many mistakes, ruin everything. Everything can go wrong, but everything can go right too and it is also a beautiful place to be in. It is totally worth being here. You can create magic out here for yourself and for others. Don’t be scared to make mistakes, don’t be scared to live.


The Nihilist in me

And she walks

taking in every feeling

that lies in all the sets of eyes

moving as she moves.

People try to talk

but she hears nothing.

They’re just blabbering

not letting the beasts out

while others shamelessly

or should i say truthfully

let their inner demons

take the reins.

She doesn’t speak

because no one is listening

maybe not even she herself.

But she looks

She looks at every person

and looks into every eye.

Everyone looks at everyone else.

No one wants to risk it.

Doesn’t matter. Everything is useless.

Do not keep looking. Stop staring.

the feelings, the demons, the beasts

might crawl out of their eyes

and settle down deep into your heart.

And you may become what you

feared the most.

His eyes told stories everyone could hear.

His smiles couldn’t hold the tears,

the curve was filled to the brim.

But nobody could ever convince him

to tell those stories out aloud.

Did they even try enough,

or did they just ask and leave

faking it all,

not showing their apathy

or did they just go numb

undecided of how to deal with that crap.

And what about me?

Where did I stand in all this?

I guess I’ll never know.



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Here’s to one year of restless readings all night!

#When I gave up reading YAs

I feel this is the perfect way letting it go. Perfect way to put a close to this. It had been a beautiful one year. Almost one year back from now, I remember reading ‘The Fault in Our Stars’ and then so many of them. I have to say, I loved them. School ended but they took me back to that phase, phase of change and challenges and gave me hope and strength. I could relate to it all and they gave me butterflies and tears. They gave me nights of reading restlessly waiting to see the end. They gave me loads and loads of memories and took me back to the ones I wanted to hold onto dearly. They beautifully used the one emotion that hits me hard -Nostalgia- memories and nostalgia. So, I might not ever want to end but I feel this is the time. This is the time I should really let it all go and embrace this new phase of my life with fervor, enthusiasm and determination and ambitions. I should stop living in the past and live in the present. Carpe diem! No more YAs. I loved them, I still do. All too dearly. But I know it’s time to let it all go. There are so many characters and stories going around in my head that I would like to mention but I won’t. I loved them all – almost – some more than the others and I’ll miss them- I’m sure. But this is it.

Goodbye YAs! You were a lovely and beautiful part of my life and you gave me tearful and cheerful memories.

Signing off. 12:00am