The magic of childhood disappearing day by day
I miss the days we used to play
I miss the lazy summer days I used to cling to you
watching TV, how the days passed by I have no clue!
The way you dressed me for the school
and made me eat the breakfast keeping it cool.
The delicious food you made for us
and even helped me catch my school bus.
I miss my birthdays with all those balloons
and the carrot juice on those winter afternoons.
Every evening watering the plants with you
and the lengthy discussions which made my mind blew.
You have no idea how
I miss each and every moment now.
The lesson of life you showed to us
will find a place within us
shining in our life as a beautiful pearl
and I’ll always be your little girl.

I toiled to make it a rhyming one, that’s how much I love you, papa! 🙂

Roads leading nowhere

Home is like ‘Harry Potter’. It’s something that makes you crave to come back again. It’s familiar, easy and lovely. You effortlessly like it. It’s such that you would spend your entire life there. It’s Harry Potter after all and then you certainly don’t want to waste 2 hours watching something like ‘The DUFF’, do you? You might even enjoy it at that time but then eventually it just leaves you to regret what you saw. Or you might even end up watching something disgusting like ‘Orphan'( that’s the most disgusting movie I could force myself to watch). So, maybe you never want to see anything else. You don’t want to risk wasting your two hours or you don’t want to live the aftermath of watching a disturbing movie. But then you don’t realize that you might stumble on something beautiful like ‘One Day’ or something hard to describe like ‘Revolutionary Road’, only if you move out. They might become your new homes as well. Just like Harry Potter was. Is. Yeah, it is still ‘home’. And who knows how many other movies worthy of being called ‘home’ are waiting out there. I mean, your next home might be ‘Fight Club’. Is all this roaming around a waste of your time? Hitting on the roads for no reason at all? On second thoughts, roads are as important as ‘home’. Journey is as important as ‘destination’, may be even more at times.

Puddles with rainbows <3

We could go on talking for ever. Not about the girl who called her names or the teacher she couldn’t stand, but about the world, about lives, about creativity, about freedom, about wars, about hope, about despair, about the men she thought didn’t deserve to die and about the people she thought didn’t deserve to live the life they did. And with every single word she spoke, I realized there are such people left in the world. The world is not all dark. It has got hope. It has got those puddles with rainbows in them.

Everybody needs Somebody

With every passing moment, breathing the same air as you becomes painfully difficult, but only if you could see!

I’m in awe of him. I’m so in awe of him.

I’m in awe of Lionel Messi as well but I don’t want him. Even thinking that sounds so gross. I don’t even want David Beckham or Liam Payne for that matter. I just adore them. Far away. With someone else. I don’t care.

Why can’t we just adore other people like that? Without even wanting them to know that you exist. Without even meeting them in real or actually watching them in front of you. Why can’t we be logical for once about other people as well?

“Because everybody needs somebody.”

“He’s legend”, they say. “This place will never be the same without him.” How weird it is! How much can a person belong to a place and how much that place and the people there can belong to someone. In college there are just three years, these three years decide if
the person is going to be a legend there or someone who would just leave the college without some of the teachers not even knowing his name. And seeing in a way, life is pretty much similar. You can actually leave the stage of life as characters whose parts are often forgotten and whose names are often left out or you can play your part in such a way that when curtains go down, applause goes on and people carry your character in their hearts as they go out. The newcomers will aim to become the next ‘you’. You can be yourself and live life as if there’s no tomorrow, no money, no people judging you or you can live someone else’s life, somebody else’s dreams. And one more thing, my mother always tells me how our generation doesn’t know what joy someone gets in helping others and how living for oneself is selfish. But believe me, that’s not completely true.

“Selfishness is not living as one wishes to live, it is asking others to live as one wishes to live.”
-Oscar Wilde