His eyes told stories everyone could hear.

His smiles couldn’t hold the tears,

the curve was filled to the brim.

But nobody could ever convince him

to tell those stories out aloud.

Did they even try enough,

or did they just ask and leave

faking it all,

not showing their apathy

or did they just go numb

undecided of how to deal with that crap.

And what about me?

Where did I stand in all this?

I guess I’ll never know.



I wanted to know the world

as you know it.

I wanted to see everything through your eyes,

to walk in your shoes

till the day I realized

that all I want to do

is to see the world as I do,

to walk in my own shoes

“because it doesn’t do to dwell

in dreams and forget to live.”



To paraphrase he-who-shall-not-be-named “who the hell wants to talk about politics on a writing blog?” Alas. These are the times we live in. Times when we have no choice but to acknowledge the shitshow unfolding in the World’s Greatest Nation (TM). Even the Senegalese hawkers selling beach blankets on Andalusia’s Costa de la Luz have […]

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Here’s to one year of restless readings all night!

#When I gave up reading YAs

I feel this is the perfect way letting it go. Perfect way to put a close to this. It had been a beautiful one year. Almost one year back from now, I remember reading ‘The Fault in Our Stars’ and then so many of them. I have to say, I loved them. School ended but they took me back to that phase, phase of change and challenges and gave me hope and strength. I could relate to it all and they gave me butterflies and tears. They gave me nights of reading restlessly waiting to see the end. They gave me loads and loads of memories and took me back to the ones I wanted to hold onto dearly. They beautifully used the one emotion that hits me hard -Nostalgia- memories and nostalgia. So, I might not ever want to end but I feel this is the time. This is the time I should really let it all go and embrace this new phase of my life with fervor, enthusiasm and determination and ambitions. I should stop living in the past and live in the present. Carpe diem! No more YAs. I loved them, I still do. All too dearly. But I know it’s time to let it all go. There are so many characters and stories going around in my head that I would like to mention but I won’t. I loved them all – almost – some more than the others and I’ll miss them- I’m sure. But this is it.

Goodbye YAs! You were a lovely and beautiful part of my life and you gave me tearful and cheerful memories.

Signing off. 12:00am

We stood there and for a moment, it felt like all those years have never passed, all those miles never covered, all those fights never fought, all those arguments never made, and there we stood, as if we were the same two kids laughing with each other and wondering about every single wonder of nature, waiting for our parents to come and take us home.